Tuesday, January 6, 2015

life lately!

a few photos from my phone,
and forrest's too....
eh, i should have worn one of wilkes' diapers for this adventure to sunset rock.
as for forrest, he ain't scared. 
hell, he's probably trying to figure out how to climb the rock he's standing on.
half eaten taco salad + sour slaw + fried plantains from conga
"what?! you never make yourself a pillow nest and perch in it?" #woofiepsshhh
how we felt after the final play of the auburn bowl game #nobueno
big man, little man, furry man
anyone planning to visit us and need a cheap room for the night? 
always on the hunt for a rock
we celebrated 2015 at home, poppin' bottles...of milk :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

hiking stringer's ridge

Over the weekend, we loaded up the car with baby supplies, a stroller, snacks for us, poop bags for Sal and headed to north Chattanooga for the day.  We decided to hike around Stringer's Ridge since the sun was out and it wasn't terribly cold...it actually ended up being pretty warm carrying around twelve extra pounds.
the map that i still have to ask forrest to read.
i never got the hang of reading a map or following directions even when siri is 
shouting them one by one from my phone.
"ahhh, the great outdoors! woofiewhoopwhoop!"
a runner stopped and volunteered to take our photo which was much appreciated
since this rarely happens.  psst and that's the twelve extra pounds I was referring to :)
not sure which one was more thrilled to be on a hike
err looks like we missed the colorful fall leaves.
city views from the overlook!
"mama, whatcha got in that kangaroo pouch? woof"
and for the full family selfie documenting wilkes' first hike...that he slept right through.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

lugging around the bebe

Unless it's raining or super cold, Forrest and I try to walk to wherever our day decides to take us...usually to a doughnut shop, a beer garden, and a dog friendly park.  Since having Wilkes, there are some situations in which we have to lug around a lot of s^%t and other times, not so much.  Enter a variety of baby carriers and my not so expert advice:
1) Your own arms
Raise your hand if this method sucks. Glad the feeling is mutual, kiddo.  First of all, I'm getting all buff in my right arm because that is where most of his weight ends up throughout the day so I'm looking a little lopsided at the moment.  I would only suggest toting him around the house and maybe to the mailbox like this.  It's uncomfortable for everyone involved plus it's more likely that some random stranger will walk up and touch your bebe which will obviously end up in a bitch slap ;)
2) Boba wrap
This contraption is pretty cool once you figure out how to get it on.  After watching several how-to youtube videos (err, and then asking Forrest to re-watch them and help a girl out), we have the hang of it now.  I like wearing Wilkes in this when we are walking short distances (usually to let Salvie mark his territory).  Also it's nice to be able to fold it up and shove it in your purse when you get to a destination where you are getting your bebe out and about.  Maybe it's just my inexperience as a wrapper, but I don't feel like he can safely dangle there so I always keep one hand on him.
3)  Boba carrier
Ok, this carrier is legit and if you are only planning to buy one transportation device, this should be it.  I actually bought this for my sister but now that her little girl is walking, she passed it back to me.  It's bulkier (is that a word?) than the wrap but I can put it on myself (no youtube or husband required), Wilkes is snug as a bug, and both hands are free for double fisting at that beer garden, ha jokes.
4) Stroller
Basically, this is a house on wheels and we use the stroller when we will be away from home for hours.  We pack this stroller out - jackets, scarves, bottles, diapers, pacifiers, extra outfits, blankets, Sal's food and bowls, water bottles, doughnuts...no I'm kidding about the last but seriously, we take it all.  At first, I felt so awkward pushing this stroller down the sidewalk, almost like I was pushing a shopping cart, but now we are besties.  The bebe can lay down, sit up, and you have a convenient place to change his diaper if the restaurant bathroom is nastified.  Bonus: Wilkes sleeps in this mobile bed like a champ.
So there you have it, my two months worth of baby transportation experience and advice.
Oh and ps - I passed along my duty and Forrest has been promoted to dog walker.  Sal is thrilled - I always kept him on a pretty short leash but his Papa lets him run wild.
"finally i'm free to run this town! woofie woof!"

Thursday, December 4, 2014

aunt sister + thanksgiving

Big things happening over here in the past few weeks - Wilkes met his Aunt Sister, we strolled four miles and ate lunch with both boys without a melt down (hooray!), Thanksgiving happened, the bebe assured us that he hates the car seat during our trip to Alabama to visit my family last weekend, Salvador still gets way too much attention, and the city is in full blown Christmas mode.
we were all so happy to have 24 hours with sister.
we strolled all over downtown, ate lunch, and put her on diaper doodie ;)
"where's that bebe at? woofie!" #brosbeforehoes
can it just be fall forever puuuhhhhlease?
we stayed in chattanooga on thanksgiving day with these two turkeys.
i cooked a massive feast (bought a pre-cooked bird for forrest because i'm nice like that), watched football, and napped through the rest of the day - it was pretty perfect.
and then, without missing a beat, the city turned into Christmas over night.....
and forrest picked out his Christmas present, haaa no.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

instalife lately

a few photos from my phone,
and forrest's too....
spotted ole yeller on our stroll downtown
both kiddos sportin' their auburn gear last weekend,
too bad the game ended with a big L for us
old building + we need coffee faces
tried out the boba wrap this week,
wilkes slept through our park adventures so i give it two thumbs up
i'm obsessed with autumn in tennessee
i'm forever outnumbered
"this big brother thing is tiring, woof!"
hope you all have a great weekend!

Monday, November 3, 2014

10 fingers + 10 toes = 1 blessing

There weren't any pregnancy announcements on facebook, no weekly bump photos on instagram, and there won't be a birthing story on this ole blog.  We kept him our little secret treasure for nine months (minus family and a few friends) - and we liked it that way.  No big fuss and for the most part, 2014 was simple and our focus was on a happy and healthy baby boy (and lots of Saturday donut runs).  He made his arrival in the early hours of October 21st and our lives have been turned upside down in the best way.  We can't seem to steal enough kisses or wipe off these goofy smiles from our faces.  Forrest and I have learned so much in the past two weeks - how to change a diaper, what swaddling means, what 2 am looks like (ehh), and how much we need and appreciate each other and our partnership in this life together.
48 hours before our family of three turned into four
Scared out of my mind but head-over-heels for this teeny bundle
Best papa a little guy could ask for!
I used to spend most of my time in the kitchen, things have changed a bit around here :)
Private concert for both boys.  Don't worry, Salvador is still getting plenty of attention and is smitten with his new baby bro (most of the time)
Halloween 2014, slightly different than other years
And just like that, our family is complete

Sunday, August 10, 2014

chattanooga farmers market

Now that summer is almost over, we are back!  Let's see, what's been going on for most of 2014...we moved from the northshore to the south of Chattanooga, we sold a house in Alabama, we turned a year older in April, we've walked this town over and over, we decided to be huge soccer fans, work work work, and obviously no blogging.  And now for our summer Sunday routine:
I'm not a fan of turning on the oven when it's 90 degrees, but did manage to put together a peach crumble with vanilla ice cream because how could I not with those beauts?!
no lack of peppers in this town

I prefer my apples sour
there is an entire food truck court at the market but Forrest and I can't seem to walk by the taco truck to try any of the others (taqueria jalisco)
we aren't sure how often this blog will be updated but if you are having Salvador withdrawals,
you can always follow our shenanigans on instagram at brooklynjackson
"i know you miss seeing my furry arse!  woofie woof!"